Birthday Song

Excitedly she awoke

this twenty-second of December

for she received a message the day before.

She showered and got dressed

and went about her usual day,

counting hours to four.

And when at last the hour came

she almost skipped had she not contained herself.

Bought herself some icecream cone

and stumped her feet to a song.

‘Ah, he’s here.’ she thought beaming.

‘Happy Birthday.’ he said. Not looking at her.

‘I came by to give you your present.’

He smiled a smile that did not reach his eyes.

‘I love you.’ She said. Almost in a whisper.

Silently hoping but acknowledging

the thing she already knew.

He looked down and then away not knowing what to say.


‘Oh, okay.’ she said and nodded.

She turned her heel not bothering to say good bye.

She waited for the bus. Anxious to get home.

‘Surprise!’ cried everyone.

Not quite. she thought.

In this room all the people she holds dear

burst out to a BIRTHDAY SONG,

while she burst into tears.

‘Oh, look tears of joy!’ someone said.

Ironic was the word.

for her heart is sinking in sea of loneliness

on this twenty-second of December.

And the Birthday girl smiled a sad, sad smile

only she knows about.

For she knew, things will never be the same.


Note: This was originally posted on 06/11/09.


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